Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments (EBTT)
Postgraduate Course and Scientific Workshop
Ljubljana, November 13—20 2016.
10th Anniversary


15th of September, 2016
International Society for Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments
- President:                                
Damijan Miklavčič
- Officer: Biological sciences
Marie-Pierre Rols



Members of the consortium

IGR - Institut de cancérologie Gustave Roussy - Villejuif Physical Vectorology team of the Laboratory of Vectorology and Antitumor Therapies (VAT), UMR 8203 (CNRS – Institut Gustave Roussy – Université Paris Sud 11)

Laboratory of Biocybernetics
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Ljubljana

Cell Biophysics team of the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Structural Biology (IPBS), UMR 5089 (CNRS – and University of Toulouse III)

Department of Experimental Oncology (EON) of the Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana


Bioelectrophotonics group of the Laboratory XLIM (XLIM), UMR 6172 (CNRS; and University of Limoges)

The Faculty of Health Sciences (UP FHS), University of Primorska


MONC Team of INRIA, Bordeaux Sud Ouest

Theoretical Chemistry and Biochemistry team of the Laboratory of Structure and Reactivity of the Complex Molecular Systems (SRSMC), UMR 7565 (CNRS and University of Lorraine)


Recent publications

Pillet F, Marjanovič I, Reberšek M, Miklavčič D, Rols MP, Kotnik T. Inactivation of spores by electric arcs. BMC Microbiol. 16: 148, 2016.

Rosazza C, Haberl Meglič S, Zumbusch A, Rols MP, Miklavčič D. Gene electrotransfer: a mechanistic perspective. Curr. Gene Ther. 16: 98, 2016.

Kamensek U, Rols M-P, Čemazar M, Golzio M. Visualization of nonspecific antitumor effectiveness and vascular effects of gene electro-transfer to tumors. Curr. Gene Ther. 16: 90, 2016.

Y. Calvet and L. M. Mir. The promising alliance of anticancer electrochemotherapy with immunotherapy. Cancer Metastases Reviews, 35: 165, 2016.

Casciola, M.; Tarek, M. A molecular insight into the electro-transfer of small molecules through electropores driven by electric fields. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. Biomembranes, 1858: 2278, 2016.

Stimac, M, Kamensek, U, Cemazar, M, Kranjc, S, Cor, A, Sersa, G. Tumor radiosensitization by gene therapy against endoglin. Curr. Gene Ther.  23: 214, 2016.


24thInternational Symposium on Bioelectrochemistryand Bioenergetics of the BioelectrochemicalSociety
Lyon, July 3 –7, 2017

2ndWorld Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields
Norfolk, September 24 –28, 2017



- Dr Lluis M. MIR, for CNRS, France,

- Pr Damijan MIKLAVCIC, for UL, Slovenia.